Career Planning in 4 Easy Steps

hfmjg,jh,jCareer planning doesn’t have a time limit. As a matter of fact; it is an ongoing process that focuses on your personal growth through time as well as helps you manage your learning and development through identifying your career goals and objectives. Whether you are still in high school, college, a fresh graduate, returning to the workforce or a career shifter, this process is still for you. You need to be able to find out what is best for you and the career options available for you that will eventually help you become successful as you can be. Through this process you will be able to explore your life and your preferences as well as find your place in the world where you can be free, happy and successful.

Start the process by understanding where you are now in your life and where you want to be after a few years from today, and how you are going to get to where you want to be in both your personal and professional life. We all know that this process is not

Career Aptitude Test Shape Your Future

hhfxhkhgkA career aptitude test is a fine tool for you to take benefit of when you are trying to outline which direction you wish for your life to go in. Trying to make a decision what career you want for yourself can be a very intimidating task. With so many probable roads to go along, how do you discover your path in life? Taking one of these tests can provide you an excellent idea what sort of career would be superior for your personality type and your thinking level.

The primary step in finding a career that is an excellent fit for you is ruling out where your interests lounge and what your abilities are. Moving towards a career that is centered on your interests makes you to put much more effort in an enjoyable way. In the closing stages, if your work is pleasant it makes your complete life that a lot better. Succeeding in a job needs the skills to do the job and the passion to do it well.

When you take a career aptitude test it

Types of Stories You Should Have on Hand for Job Interviews

dgangfnhmYou’re prepped and ready to totally nail this job interview. You’ve rehearsed your elevator pitch—in front of the mirror, even. You’ve committed the entire job description to memory. Heck, you even drove a practice route to the interview location to make sure you knew exactly where to park.

So, when the meeting finally rolls around, you’re feeling cool, calm, and collected. That is, until the interviewer jumps right in with the dreaded, “Tell me about a time when…”

Suddenly your mouth is dry, your mind is blank, and you have a mental facepalm moment. Why, ohwhy, didn’t you think to prepare for these types of prompts?

Yes, those requests for real-world examples—also known as behavioral interview questions—are frustrating. But, they’re also an extremely common part of the interview process.

Your best bet is to have a few stories prepared and ready to go for your next interview. Here are the six big ones you should make sure to have in your arsenal. They’re general enough that they can be used for a variety of questions, but specific enough

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Worker Monitoring – SpyPhoneware Critical reviews

Another popular good reason why a professional would wish a mobile telephone tracking or cell phone monitoring software is if people is definitely a employer of a typical enterprise additionally they have specified out a business enterprise telephone and they want to always make sure they aren’t utilizing their mobile phone for private use. It could also be useful figuring out the time they dedicate to it going through unrelated hard work content in order to weed out the unproductive people on your manufacturer. Also numerous shipping vendors play with it to take care of a track of precisely where they’re owners will be going.. If they’re on the right track and so forth ..

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How We Examined and Graded – Private-Spy

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How to Make a Career Development Plan

Career development planning is significant to measure your progress and growth in your career. It is the best method to track your goals and accomplishments which also helps you to analyze whether you travel in the right path.

Before you go with any action the first thing you do is to make a plan. Planning becomes so important even in the case of employment that leads you to the exact destination. You can never stop with a plan once you have made one; instead it is a work in your development. Your plan is not just constrained to your work and has a lot to do with your job, its path, passion and interests.

You career development starts with an effective resume. Make sure you keep it updated with other records on projects, trainings, new skills, achievements, performance and promotions.

Maintain a file for your career related job announcements in which you have a particular interest in. Even if you are employed it will help you to identify the areas where new talents are required that helps you to equip yourself with additional programs, training and experience.

While you begin with a development plan take your own time to set your overall goals and

Have You Considered an Accountancy Career

If you are one of those who have an accounting degree but don’t have a clue of which accountancy career to start then you might want to read on. Having that degree is what you need to start an accountancy career. You just now need to figure out which career related to accountancy you would want to start on.

There are different types of accountancy careers with their different tasks and responsibilities. Keep reading to discover a few types of the careers you can consider.

If you are into travelling and not a fan of a regular office-hour job then you can be a Public Accountant. You can work as a consultant for different companies. You will be responsible in doing the auditing and tax activities for the companies.

Accounting jobs

Forensic Accounting has a different approach to accounting. This deals with financial crimes inside a company. Cases like securities fraud, money laundering, embezzlement, bankruptcy, and others of the same nature are what will keep you busy.

You can also to choose to be an Auditor and examine accounting records of companies. If you have good knowledge of the rules and law of accounting then this will interest you. Some would also choose to private

Build Career in Software Specific Jobs

Building career in software industry is a dream of every IT student. If you have got degree from IT field and possess skills, you will also look for career in software industry. At present there are numerous job opportunities generated with developments in technologies by IT companies. Varieties of software careers are open for job seekers. They need to find them, choose interesting task and start career. Different jobs available in IT sector mostly depend on computer peripherals and internet technology. Some of these career opportunities are as mentioned below:

Software Designer

Professional software designing is an exciting career opportunity as it is today’s requirement. Software required by any kind of business needs an appropriate design by knowing clients’ requirements. Software designers are middlemen between users and programmers. Though they are not doing actual coding, they find out needs of clients and design software accordingly. Any job seeker eligible to do so, can apply for this interesting job opening.

Applications Programmer

Starting your career as an application programmer or developer may leads to fast career growth because it is critical type of work to be performed by experts. If you possess coding skills, logical thinking ability, you fit perfectly to this job. Application developers

Get a Paid Internship While Studying

Internships, after graduation helps you build a bright career. The main aim of an internship is to train you for a professional environment, where you’ll be working. They also add a value to your resume. Interships may last form a month to a year. Some companies also offers a job opportunity after the successful completion of the internship for professionally active and competitive interns.

The stipend for an intern is not enough to pay off the college fee or fulfill the monthly expenses but can lighten some financial burden. Not every other company pays a stipend for internships but most of the companies do and some companies even pay a higher stipend than others.

Benefits of paid internships

Internships allows you to utilize your educational learnings in practical field. You also learn new things from an internship that can help you build a better career.

As the time passes you become more competitive and prepared for the upcoming challenges in the professional field. And employers pays more preference to you as opposed to an inexperienced job applicant.

Internships will also allow you to build a better professional network that may help you getting a good job opportunity.

Paid internships can’t pay your college fees but may lighten

How Recruitment Agencies are Helpful for Your Company

In this era of increasing competition, it is not easy for the companies to survive without good talent. They cannot work well, keep up with changing trends in the market and come up with unique ideas, unless until a fresh brain pool is added to the organization. Several companies are trying to develop their organization by hiring fresh faces from institutes, colleges and other such places. They have to invest money, time and efforts in recruiting and hiring these people. Apart from this, the company again has to work hard on training them according to the needs of the company.

All this can make it difficult for them to target other processes of business. Recruitment and hiring are very tricky part of the industry. You can invest as much time as you wish on finding good professionals or freshers, but if your method of recruitment is not good, it is difficult to get them on board. If you are not interested in wasting your time, efforts, resources and money on recruiting people or hiring them, engaging into temp staffing services from recruitment agency is the better option. Recruitment agencies are the companies who handle human resource process, staffing, recruiting and hiring for other

Importance of Analytics in Running a Successful Employee Referral Program

Big Data, Analytics and Data Mining have become buzzwords across all industries. In the recruiting function, however, there is still a lot of ambiguity on how data can be mined to make the recruiting function more robust & accountable.

One area where analytics can be of tremendous importance is in the sphere of Employee Referral Programs.

Here are some insights that can be drawn through efficient data mining:

  • Create ideal candidate profiles through mapping data of your best performers. With Big Data tools this profiling need not just be restricted to their skills & competencies but can also extend to areas such as frequency of their online interaction, for example.
  • Map profiles of referred employees against this ideal profile
  • Study the type of jobs for which maximum referrals are being made
  • Study how employee referrals are doing vis-a-vis other recruitment sources, in terms of:
  1. a) Days required to-fill a position b) Cost of hire etc.
  • Study productivity of referrals
  • Study Retention Rates
  • Measure how the different referral bonuses stack up & what should be the optimal referral bonus
  • Identify poor versus great referrers &accordingly seek participation
  • Study metrics such as the time taken for recruiters to contact referred employees & how that impacts the quality of workforce, astop candidates are likely to

Why Employee Referrals Help Fill Niche Positions

These challenges are not new and there have been various innovative recruitment practices adopted by companies to try and attract high in demand or niche talent to the organization. The most effective by far has been the use of employee referral programs due to the strong trust factor that comes into play when an employee is anchoring the discussion with the candidate rather than a recruiter.

Infact employee referrals work remarkably well for niche positions since such candidates are more easily accessed through professional forums. Employees through their prior links with these candidates are better placed to contact them for job openings within the organization. The receptivity level among such candidates is also typically higher when somebody they know discusses a job opportunity vis-a-vis talking to an unknown person. Employees from the same professional area typically are better able to connect with them as coming from similar backgrounds they understand their priorities and concerns better.

The general trend in the last couple of years has been to offer higher rewards for employee referrals for niche or hard to fill positions. Incentives are made attractive to add that extra pull to make it worthwhile for employees to invest the extra time and effort

Increase Employee Referrals

An organization can only be as good as the people it employs. In the extremely competitive business environment of today, the biggest challenge facing an organization is that of finding and keeping good employees. There are various sources of hiring talent; however what emerged as one of the best and most effective means of sourcing highly qualified talent are employee referrals. Employee referrals are not only cost effective but employees hired through referrals have been shown to be up to 25% more productive than hires from other sources making them a tool for organizational growth and productivity.

Dr. John Sullivan, an industry thought leader in designing employee referral programs has had the opportunity to study the referral program structure and design of organizations across the globe and has found very few referral programs that can provide true competitive advantage to organizations through incorporation of exceptional features. There are certain key characteristics that are needed to be present for any employee referral program to provide true business value to an organization.

Listed below are some of the key features accumulated from industry thought leaders required to increase employee referrals.

  • Keep the employee referral program simple so it is easy for employees to understand it

Some Tips to Follow When Job Hunting in Job Fairs

Job fairs have become a common phenomenon in the country where the leading companies provides the list of Job openings in Jaipur. These jobs fairs are one or two day’s affair which is attended by the companies and the candidates both. A number of Jaipur jobs consultancy also make their appearance with the list of Jobs in Jaipur and increase their database of the candidates. The candidates also can make their choice to apply for the positions based upon the skill sets which are required by the company. The companies get lot of choices among the candidates who have applied for the job.

But, the candidate does not get much success in the job fair as the thousands of people compete for few hundred job openings in Jaipur which are publicized in the job fair. But, the candidate, if he wants to get success in job hunting in job fairs should follow some tips which can make a difference with success.

Some tips to follow when job hunting in job fairs:

  1. Get business card from every person with whom you talk

The first tip for success is getting the business card of the person with which the candidate had the chat or talk.

Employee Referral Programs A Boon For Recruiters

Arguably one of the most difficult jobs in any organization is that of a recruiter who is tasked with bringing quality talent into the organization. In today’s scenario where demand for skilled talent is much more than supply, everyone is vying for the same talent pool. The battle for talent is intense which make the work of a recruiter even less enviable.

The use of employee referrals as a means of sourcing high potential candidates has indeed come as a boon for recruiters, who have so far been burdened with the sole responsibility of sourcing candidates for open positions. Since employee referral programs are designed to make employees partners in the recruiting process, the job of sourcing potential candidates gets shared across the entire employee base making it a win-win situation for all. Many more people sourcing means access to many more talented candidates for organizations. Recruiters have typically used their own networks and the network of their networks to source candidates for organizations. In an employee referral program, the entire job of sourcing, screening as well as selling the organization to the candidate is done by the employee, saving precious time and effort of the recruiter who can then focus

3 Things To Listen For During Job Interviews

Like any other conversation, a job interview is a two-way street: It’s as much about how well you listen as it is about what you say. And there’s more to listening than simply hearing another person’s words. How interviewers sit, how they ask their questions, and what they do while listening to your answers can tell you an awful lot about the direction the conversation’s taking.

Of course, during an interview, the manager is in the driver’s seat, so it’s critical that you’re able to read their cues. The Web is full of hints for figuring out whether someone’s paying attention to you or not: Are they making eye contact? Leaning forward as you speak? Nodding their head? All good things. But often, the message someone conveys is contained in ways that are more subtle.

3 Things To ‘Listen’ For During Job Interviews

Here are three things to bear in mind during job interviews:

1. Listen For The Hidden Question

No interview question is simple. In every case, the employer’s looking not only for insights into your skills and experience, but also for hints about how your thought process works, how committed you’ll be to your job, and how well you’ll fit into the company’s

4 Surprising Reasons You Blew That Interview and What to Do Next Time

One of my favorite ways to prepare for an interview is to come up with a list of 10 potential questions, give that list to a friend, and ask him or her to interview me.

At the end of a recent faux-interview, I asked my friend how I’d done. I was pretty sure he was going to say, “Fantastic!”

But instead he responded, “Hmm…I wasn’t very impressed.”

Have you ever experienced the same discrepancy between your evaluation—and the interviewer’s? (And found out when you never got a call to come back in for another round?) Here are the four reasons you might think you knocked it out of the park—when you actually blew it.

1. You Weren’t Enthusiastic

This was my friend’s number-one gripe: Even though I had clearly done my research, I didn’t seem like I was super-pumped about the company or the position. While I thought I was being calm and collected, he said I came across as “meh.”

Since it’s so obvious to you that you really want it, it can be difficult to remember you still need to express that enthusiasm. And not just by saying, “I really want this job.” Make sure you’re physically proving it as well by leaning forward,

Know About Some Important Benefits of Hiring Perth Recruitment Services

When it comes to benefits of hiring recruitment agency, you will be able to get lots of advantages of getting in touch with the best recruitment agency. This article serves its main goal to explain about the said services and also how it assists you in fulfilling your dream. In case, if you run any business and planning to start a company, you may definitely be looking to hire employees. Go through the entire article to understand some benefits of hiring the said services.

Recruitment agencies let many service providers concentrate on their own tasks – If you have decided to hire employees through Perth recruitment services, you will certainly no need to perform tasks like short listing candidates on the basis of qualifications. Those candidates access your office for the purpose of interview will certainly a good one among those who also applied for the available vacancies in your organization.

Moreover, the recruitment agency conducts interview at their own offices to shortlist the potential and the most deserving candidates from those of shortlisted fellows. After this, the candidates are sent to the client office on the basis of their performance in the final interview. The agency is of course quite helpful for organizations

Do Temp Workers Have the Same Rights as Regular Employees?

In terms of basic rights and protections on the job, temp employees may often feel left out in the cold. For example, if a temp staffer is harassed while on an assignment, it may be unclear how the person is supposed to report the incident – to a supervisor at the temporary work location or to the staffing agency?

If something goes awry during an assignment – or the temp agency itself does something illegal – there’s a pretty big elephant in the room to contend with. That is, temp workers who complain can easily be replaced.

Staffing agencies make their money through contracts to provide workers. It’s a competitive business. Management may be unlikely to want to address an uncomfortable incident with a client for fear that the company could be replaced with another staffing firm. And if a temp worker complains one too many times, that person is likely to stop getting assignments.

However, that doesn’t mean that temp workers are without rights. In fact, they’re entitled to the same workplace protections as other employees, as one staffing firm was recently reminded of when it was forced to pay a sizable settlement to a group of temp staffers. Let’s take a